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Climatek Air Conditioning & Heating provides our clients with the ultimate service: peace of mind. Because we’re local HVAC technicians backed by a national brand, we can provide security and reliability other HVAC businesses can’t match — no hidden fees, no predatory pricing, just good service at an affordable price.

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Cliamtek company was professional, responsive and fair from beginning to the end. I had 3 companies come out for a estimate I needed new furnace and ac replaced. Climatek gave me the best deal possible. Al came in the morning 9am and was done by 6pm with the work. Installed and cleaned up after himself. Very professional and knowledgeable guy. I will do all my Hvac needs with Climatek and Al. I recommend to anyone give him a try, also to mention ABC had a so called deal buy one get one, I don’t think so there was nothing but 1 get 1 in the deal Al beat everyone by far with quality equipment too. Thank you Al

Dado Dado April 7, 2022

The owner is very knowledgeable and was great to work with. I highly recommend him.

Haso Grosic January 21, 2022

Al with Climatek has helped me at two critical times over the past two yeas, each time with a distinct problem causing my furnace to go out while severely cold outside. He made him self available within short time and was able to successfully make the needed repairs to keep me and my loved ones warm. He is extremely reliable and explains things in a way thats understandable and makes you feel confident in the workmanship of the services provided.

Edward Lapinski January 21, 2022

Climatek Heating & Cooling was very professional and did the job right the first time. I called a few company’s they told me they will come out in a day or 2. Climatek Heating & Cooling were able to come the same day very happy with these guys and very reasonable pricing.

Emir Halilovic November 10, 2021

Climatek is your answer for all your HVAC needs providing great customer satisfaction. Al is very knowledgeable, responsive and gives you outstanding service all at a reasonable cost. Highly recommend Climatek.

Tom K November 3, 2021

Climatek inc, provided great service over the years maintaining my hvac system. This year i have decided to replace the entire hvac system – including furnace, air conditioner, and new insulated duct work to be installed in the attic as my floor duct are corroding away causing in-proper air flow in some rooms. The current hvac system is ready for retirement. Climatek was honest and upfront all these years helping me get the most out of my old hvac system, and for that am grateful. i would recommend Climatek inc to anyone. They truly mean customer satisfaction guarantee. Thank you for all your support!

Higinio Uribe October 14, 2021

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